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Kindness lives here

Explore comprehensive Patient Information at OC Graceful Smiles, your trusted dental care partner. Find details on appointments, forms, insurance, and more to ensure a seamless and informed dental experience. Your journey to a healthier, brighter smile starts with us.

Relax into our spa-like sanctuary with warm neck pillows, weighted blankets, and noise-canceling headphones for the music of your choice. We love to laugh, smile, and create a fun experience for our new friends.

Whether you haven’t seen a dentist in years or you’re just ready for a place where compassion replaces judgment, hope replaces fear, and a visit to the dentist is one of the best parts of your day – kindness lives here.

Big picture care

During your first visit our team will carefully evaluate your overall oral health and wellness. We will perform a thorough exam, thorough cleaning, and take necessary x-rays. Along the way, we’ll get to know you and your special treatment preferences as we seek to help you overcome the hurdles of time, anxiety or finances, to help you get healthy beautiful teeth.

Ask freely, speak openly, smile often

We encourage you to ask questions during your visit. Dr. Patel is passionate about helping patients understand their overall oral health and all the options available for holistic health. If you’re curious about our full menu of treatment options, issues experienced by you or your loved ones, or any other issues, we’d love to help.

Helping you navigate benefits and payment

Prior to any treatment, our team will perform a complimentary benefits evaluation to let you know what your insurance covers. We also provide a variety of convenient payment options including the care credit if you need financing for treatment.

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