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Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a method of using oral medications to relax a person, usually to help them receive dental or medical procedures.


Oral sedation involves taking a small pill prior to your dental procedure. The pill is designed to relax and calm you down enough for the work to be done. This sedative option is ideal for individuals who are typically nervous when coming in for different treatments. We will instruct you on when and how to take the pill in order for it to work properly.


There are several reasons for why you might benefit from oral sedation. First, we might recommend this option if you tend to be nervous and scared when coming into the office to have work done. You might benefit from oral sedation if you have trouble sitting still for your appointment or would like to stay calm and relaxed at all times while in the chair. This type of sedative option is quick, easy and provides you with the calming effects you want.



Prior to offering any type of sedation, we will carefully review all of your health and medical history. We will then recommend the sedative that is right for you and your needs. Most patients coming into our office can benefit from oral sedation, and we’ll discuss how it should be taken in order for it to work properly. Oral sedation is best suited to adult patients, and we have other options for pediatric patients coming into our office.

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The oral sedation process begins by offering you a small and easy-to-swallow pill. You will take this pill before the start of your appointment. You may need someone to drive you both to and from the office after taking the pill. The medication is designed to relax you and calm you down enough for the work to be done. You can take this medication before any of your future appointments. Many have found that oral sedation helps to make the dental experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oral sedation is the administration of a sedative drug by mouth to relax a patient during a medical procedure, such as a dental procedure. Oral sedation medications can range from mild calming effects to deeper states of relaxation, depending on the dosage.

There are two primary types of oral sedation: benzodiazepines and antihistamines. Benzodiazepines produce a more powerful sedative effect and can put a patient into a deeper state of relaxation. Antihistamines have a milder sedative effect and can help with relaxation and discomfort.

Individuals with certain medical conditions, such as those with a history of drug or alcohol dependence, should not undergo oral sedation. Also, any patient who is pregnant or breastfeeding should not be given oral sedation.

Common side effects of oral sedation include drowsiness, confusion, nausea, blurred vision, and dizziness. Some patients may also experience an allergic reaction to the medication. It is important to talk to a healthcare professional before taking any sedative medication.

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